• Survey and Clearance Program

    Survey and Clearance Program

    Our teams provide EOD quick response to Unexploded Ordnance discoveries reported by local people and conduct Technical Survey to identify and map out contaminated areas targeted for full clearance.

  • Mine Risk Education Outreach

    Mine Risk Education Outreach

    Mine Risk Education outreach teaches children and adults about the risks of Unexploded Ordnance and provide them with safe behavior guidance to protect themselves and their families from being killed or maimed by the scourge of explosive ordnance.

  • Victim Assistance Program

    Victim Assistance Program

    Project RENEW is committed to assisting ERW victims and other disabled families to restore their lives and livelihoods through provision of needed support for them to maximize their potential for development and reintegration.

  • Mine Action Visitor Center

    Mine Action Visitor Center

    For visitors to the DMZ of Vietnam, a look at history, a story of loss, resilience and recovery.

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