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Presenting APMF’s Peace Prize, from left, is board member Jan Sunoo, APMF President Dale Bagshaw, and APMF member Cherilyn Tan, who donated funds for the prize. Receiving the award (center) is RENEW Coordination Manager Nguyen Hieu Trung and (far right) RENEW International Advisor Chuck Searcy.


Da Nang, Viet Nam (12 Nov 2017) – Project RENEW was recipient of the annual “Peace Prize” awarded by the Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) at APMF’s annual meeting held this weekend, in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference held in Da Nang.

The Peace Prize 2017 was presented by APMF President Dr. Dale Bagshaw, Associate Professor at the University of South Australia, to Project RENEW’s Coordination Manager Nguyen Hieu Trung and International Advisor Chuck Searcy.

Formed in 2001, APMF is a not-for-profit regional association of individuals, organisations and institutions interested in promoting peace through mediation and other dispute resolution processes, such as conciliation and arbitration, wherever conflicts threaten the well-being of individuals, organisations, communities, and local, state or national governments in the region.

RENEW Coordination Manager Trung expressed appreciation, on behalf of the entire RENEW staff, to members of AMFP for selecting Project RENEW as recipient of the Peace Prize 2017.  Trung said the award is not only an honor, it is encouragement to the RENEW team to continue working to make Quang Tri Province safe from unexploded ordnance.

Along with the Peace Prize 2017 trophy, a beautiful cut glass engraved desk plaque, came a $1,500 cash donation to support the work of Project RENEW.  Trung thanked Ms. Cherilyn Tan, CEO of Asia Law Network, for her sponsorship of the Peace Prize.

More information about APMF, their mission, activities, and prior conferences in the region, can be found at the APMF website:  http://www.asiapacificmediationforum.org.