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One year after a tragic accident took the life of our most experienced team leader, Ngo Thien Khiet, his eldest son, Ngo Thien Hoang, now works as a non-technical surveyor for Project RENEW and Norwegian People’s Aid.  Here Hoang shares his feelings about following in his father’s footsteps.

By Ngo Thien Hoang
19 Jun 2017

My father had been a team leader for Project RENEW-NPA for many years. He was one of the most experienced and skilled technicians of the entire staff, always trying his best to accomplish his assignments with complete professionalism. My dad was a resilient and hardworking man. He got on well with his relatives, friends and colleagues.  He always respected others.

My family was unbelievably shocked when my father died because of a cluster bomb explosion.  It was too sudden for us all to bear. However, as time has gone by, we better understand his sacrifice – a brave sacrifice.

Team Leader Ngo Thien Khiet. He died on 18 May 2016 due to severe injuries caused when a cluster bomb exploded during Khiet’s technical survey work.

As children, my younger brother and I were always proud of our dad, devoting his life to making the land safer so that Quang Tri people could live in peace.  Ultimately, he sacrificed his life for that mission.

In June 2016, I started a one-month training course at RENEW-NPA to become a non-technical surveyor.  I was officially admitted to become a full-time staff of RENEW-NPA after I successfully finished a two-month probation period.

I now work with the Project RENEW-NPA Non-Technical Survey team. Our duties are to define areas where people suspect that cluster munitions and other ordnance are likely to be found, and to establish starting points for RENEW-NPA to deploy technical interventions to map out confirmed hazardous areas that need clearance.

Having been trained on standard operating procedures, and now equipped with complete knowledge of unexploded ordnance, I feel assured about my competence.  I have no fear in taking on this dangerous work. I am proud of my work because it contributes to helping local people live safely.

Since I joined RENEW-NPA, I have been always tried my best.  I want to be sure that my dad is always proud of his son.