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The War and it’s legacy
Information and artifacts portraying the war as experienced by the people of Quang Tri. Lifelike models of munitions used in U.S bombing runs are displayed along with ERW that are still found in the province.


Post-war clearance efforts
Information about efforts undertaken immediately after the war by the government, Vietnamese military units and local residents.


Clearance and risk education
Explanation of current initiatives to clean up ERW and educate children and adults about the ever-present threat of ERW.

Victim assistance

Description of victim assistance efforts, including homemade limbs made by ERW survivors and prosthetic and orthotic devices from RENEW’s rehabilitation program, along with income-generation initiatives.

Victory over tragedy
Stories about ordinary people who have overcome great tragedies through their own determination.

Bar and snacks

Souvenir Booth featuring books and locally made handicrafts for sale. Café serving hot and cold beverages, fruits and snacks.