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Victim Assistance/Disability Support is an integral part of Project RENEW’s humanitarian work in Quang Tri Province. The goal is to assist victims of Explosive Ordnance (UXO) and Agent Orange (AO) and other disabled families to restore their lives and livelihoods through the following key activities:

  • Build capacity for the provincial Disabled Persons Organization (DPO) to better represent the rights and benefits of disabled persons.
  • Encourage ERW victims and disabled persons to participate in public information and dissemination campaigns in order to improve their awareness and understanding of their rights.
  • Continue the Prosthetics and Orthotics outreach program to provide artificial limbs and other assistive devices to disabled persons in need of physical rehabilitation.
  • Replicate successful vocational training models in order to provide disabled persons with income generation opportunities.
  • Seek USAID and other funding to bring support and interventions into the homes of severely disabled persons suffering from problems related to AO, to make their lives more bearable.