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“Project RENEW has come a long way in a decade and is now poised for even growth and expansion. The people of Quang Tri are safer because your diligent work in removing UXO, assisting those who have been injured by UXO, and educating residents about the dangers of UXO.”
Ralph L. Cwerman, President of Humpty Dumpty Institute

“Norway is proud of the partnership between the government of Quang Tri Province and our Norwegian organizations, who work together through Project RENEW, to end the deadly legacy these remnants of war still pose for local communities.”
Stale Tortein Risa, Ambassador of the Norwegian Embassy to Vietnam

“The legacy of the war can be overwhelming, but what you manage to help community through hope, dignity and determination. Norway will continue to provide support for the land release, victims support and advocacy.”
Dybdahl Ragnhild, Deputy Head of Mission of the Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi

“The governments of Japan, the United States and Norway have already provided significant support, as well as international NGOs such as the US Vietnam Veteran Association, Project RENEW, PEACETREE and the International Committee of the Red Cross, to name a few. It is vital to build on and expand this partnership in order to deal with this formidable challenge in a sustainable manner.”
Pratibha Mehta, Coordinator of UNDP Vietnam

“The implementation of Project RENEW has been extremely effective and practical. The government, donors, and the international community highly appreciate its efforts to neutralize the consequences of war and consider the project as an example of effective mine action in Vietnam.”
Vu Xuan Hong, Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations

“In the past ten years, with continued assistance of donors; cooperation of international partners; supports from central ministries and local authorities and agencies; the endeavor of the international experts and local staff, Project RENEW has achieved important successes to meet up with the initially proposed goals.”
Nguyen Duc Chinh, Standing Vice Chairman of Quang Tri Province People’s Committe

“Project RENEW staff are some of the best national staff that we have ever worked with in 30 different countries that NPA works in around the world.”
Jonathon Guthrie, Country Director of Norwegian People’s Aid Vietnam

“I’m glad to know that mushrooms cultivation helps those landmine and UXO victims in Vietnam”
Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary-General

“Thank for bringing us to this center which help us all understand the terrible legacy of the war”
Damien Cole, Ambassador of Irish Embassy to Vietnam

“One behalf of from Augustana College, we would like to thank you for the meaningful, important work that Project RENEW has done here in Quang Tri”
Students from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, US

“Thank you to Project RENEW for doing the work of cleaning up after the war. Your effort at reclaiming land and education will save lives. May the US and Vietnam establish long and friendly relations.”
Steve Pearce, Member of US Congress

“This became my valuable experience that I visited here today. I hope in the near future I can contribute to support Project RENEW together with HDI. Thank you.”
Kazuko Maruyama, Second Secretary fo the Embassy of Japan

“We are pleased to learn more about how U.S contributions in support of Project RENEW are being used. Keep up the great work.”
Charles Stonecipher, Program Manager, PM/WRA, U.S. Department of State

“RENEW is doing fantastic work in clearance, education and victim assistance. Thank you and keep up the great work.”
Charles W Chichester, Deputy Program Manager, HD R&D Program, U.S. Department of Defense

“Project RENEW has very professional staff and is making a positive impact on the people of Quang Tri Province.”
Lieut. Col. Wayne Turnbull, Office of Defense Cooperation Vietnam, U.S Embassy to Vietnam

“We of VFP delegation can only give our heartfelt thanks to the many Vietnamese that work to remove UXO and save many lives. We will continue to work with the people of Vietnam by educating American people about the legacy of the war.”
Suel Jones, President of Vietnam chapter of Veterans for Peace

“I hope everyone who visits this place will give something in order to help save those wonderful people who had nothing to do with our war from so many years ago,”
John Ahoug, an American visitor

“Great mission on cleaning up mines and bombs!”
Roger Bacon, a Vietnam veteran.

“Thank you for all the incredible work you are doing here. We all learned a great deal.”
Students of Kennedy Catholic High School, Seattle, U.S