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Cam Lo, Quang Tri (26 May 2015)

In response to a report from MAG (Mines Advisory Group)’s Community Liaison Team, a RENEW’s EOD Quick Response Team on Monday safely destroyed 11 items of unexploded ordnance (UXO) from a plantation in Cam Lo District.

Earlier Nguyen Thai Hung, a resident of Thuong Lam village, encountered UXO while he was preparing for a new acacia crop. Hung reported his sighting to MAG’s liaison team who passed the information on to RENEW’s EOD team operating in Cam Lo. Immediately, RENEW team contacted Mr. Hung who led them to his plantation where they found eight BLU-26 cluster bombs and one 60mm mortar. Checking the area, RENEW team found two more BLU-26 cluster bombs about 100 meters away. All eleven items were later safely destroyed in place.