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Sharp eyes and quick calls from Quang Tri residents are making Quang Tri a safer place! Thanks to an increase in awareness and reports to the provincial hotline, RENEW/NPA’s disposal teams have responded to a total of 157 UXO callouts in just five months. This number reflects the vigilance of the community and has resulted in the safe removal of 259 munitions. From rice fields to plantations and roadsides, these dangerous explosives have been eliminated, protecting lives and property.

One such vigilant villager is 64-year-old Nguyen Quoc Ai. While tending his acacia trees, he spotted a deadly 40mm grenade. He made the smart decision to call for help instead of touching it. The all-female EOD team from RENEW/NPA rapidly arrived at his home in Kinh Mon Village, Trung Son Commune, Gio Linh District, and safely disposed of the grenade.

However, recent discoveries are on the rise, particularly after a tragic accident in Vinh Linh District this May. This serves as a reminder that UXO awareness remains crucial. If you see anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities. Together, we can keep Quang Tri safe from these lingering dangers.

Call to action: Learn more about UXOs and how to identify them by visiting Quang Tri Mine Action Center’s website here. You can also report suspicious objects to the Quang Tri Provincial Hotline at 0901.941.941.

The U.S. Department of State’s Office of Weapons Abatement and Removal funds RENEW/NPA’s clearance program in Quang Tri Province, aiding in war remnants removal and supporting safer communities.