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Thanks to funding provided by Irish Aid, RENEW has continued our risk education outreach since 2015 without interruption, providing safety messages on the lingering risks of bombs and mines to adults and children in Quang Tri Province. Since 2022, RENEW has used animated videos to provide appealing and catchy safety messages to help children avoid accidents and injuries from UXO.  The following video, A Strange Meeting, is the first of its kind.  It is produced and edited by local talent in Quang Tri Province based on existing risk education materials RENEW has developed over the years. It will be shared with our partners to be used in our continuing efforts to reinforce the awareness of communities, especially young kids and teenagers, of the dangers of unexploded ordnance and the urgency of safe behavior.

As Quang Tri has made further progress in survey and clearance of explosive ordnance thanks to joint efforts of different international mine action organizations, local people must also continue to be vigilant and protect themselves and their families from the threat of bombs and mines for many years to come. Two incidents that have resulted in one death and one injury so far in 2022, after four years with ZERO accidents, indicate that our work is unfinished.