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One of the biggest challenges of humanitarian mine action is to establish a linkage between clearance and development, to make sure that mine action positively promotes socio-economic development priorities in ERW-affected communities. Thus, Project RENEW’s mine action strategy embraces post-clearance reconstruction, recovery, and development opportunities.

This goal is achieved by raising funds to support public works projects such as clinics, community centers, and schools in areas where ERW have been cleaned up.

In February 2009, Project RENEW started construction on an expansion and remodeling project at Trieu An Primary School in Tuong Van Village, Trieu An Commune of Trieu Phong District. The total investment of over 800 million VND (equivalent to US $51,000) was donated by six American combat veterans who were in Vietnam during the war, including Mr. Marshall Carter, current chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

Construction was completed six months later, with two renovated and three newly built classrooms turned over to the school system, the students and their teachers. The new school now provides a safe, clean and spacious environment in which over 300 local students can study and prosper.

Click here to see photos of the school dedication ceremony.