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An Don Ward, Quang Tri Town, 25 Jan 2010

Despite of unfavorable weather conditions, Project RENEW’s clearance team uncovered the largest UXO cache ever since the team was deployed in this 27-hectare site since June 2009 in response to the local authorities’ request for Quang Tri Township expansion plan.


Just within one working day, by using the combined large-loop and manual detectors, the team found and unearthed a total of 131 items of unexploded ordnance (UXO) with mechanical assistance from an excavator to support with intrusive work. When the team first conducted its clearance activities, via the team’s community liaison officer, it was reported by the local residents that the site might have deeply buried anti-tank mines.

Actually, in addition to only one US Claymore directional mine, the team found many 60mm and 80mm mortars, 105mm projectiles, boxes of fuzes, propelled grenades, rocket launcher and four cans of bullets. All of the team members got wet and muddy but none of them felt tired. “I feel very happy when my team mates find such a great number of explosive devices. My job is to operate this excavator to provide mechanical assistance to help lessen intrusive work for the team”, said Hoang Anh Son, Project RENEW CAT Operator.

It is believed that this UXO cache must have belonged to an NVA soldiers’ fighting position during Old Citadel battle in summer of 1972. The team removed all of the found items to its safe holding area for later destruction. It was a long working day but all of the team members were very happy because a potential threat to the local population had finally been removed.


Team members identifying munitions found at the clearance before conducting demolition.