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Want to get involved in the mine action movement?

You don’t have to live in a mine affected region to become actively involved in humanitarian mine action. Here’s some way you can be part of the movement!

Get informed:
Information regarding humanitarian mine action is at the tip of your fingers! Visit the center to learn about humanitarian mine action in Quang Tri, sign up for the Project RENEW e-newsletter, or follow us on Facebook.

Join a local campaign:
Individuals and organizations worldwide have reached out to support humanitarian mine action around the globe. Seek out the mine advocacy organization in your region and become involved in their activities! Can’t find one? Why not start your own initiative supporting the global mine action movement!

Get the word out:
Make it known that you support humanitarian mine action activities! Write to your local newspaper, contact your local radio station, and connect with your local government representatives and express your concern regarding the use of indiscriminate weapons.

Organize a public event:
Raise awareness in your community about the devastating impacts unexploded ordnance has by organizing an art exhibition, hosting a landmine and cluster munitions awareness day, or holding a public demonstration… The options are endless!

Make a donation:
Make a contribution to Project RENEW!

Contributions to Project RENEW from donors and other benefactors, governments, individuals and institutions large and small, domestic or abroad, play an important role in helping us clean up thousands of ERW.


With your contributions, we can bring a safer, more secure, and brighter future for the people of Quang Tri Province. Specifically, your contributions will help:

  • Bring peace of mind to villagers in knowing that where they live is safe, that they no longer have to fear danger from a terrible and unexpected explosion, which is especially important to the children who were born long after the fighting stopped.
  • Offer poor and disadvantaged families who often include ERW survivors – victims of tragic accidents who face a lifetime of disability – new confidence that they can rebuild their lives and create a better future for their children.
  • Produce artificial limbs for amputees, to help them walk, to resume many normal activities unassisted.
  • Support micro-credit programs, to help victim families earn independent livelihoods.
  • Pay for educational materials, teaching aids, and media campaigns to remind thousands of children and adults that they must be careful, they must be responsible – and they must report discoveries of ERW so our EOD teams can move into action and eliminate the threat.

Your contribution is an investment in the future for the people of Quang Tri Province.