Home > News > American Veterans Build Cowshed For Bomb Victim Families Near Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh, Huong Hoa (10 December 2016) – This week a group of six American volunteers from New England area of the United States has been busy with a community service project that provides support to two Bru Van Kieu families affected by unexploded bombs and mines.

The group is led by Bill Cuff and Vietnam veteran Francis Love, two key members of the Unlimited Possibilities (UP), a New Hampshire-based non-profit and charitable organization. Founded in 2010, UP is dedicated to helping eliminate social injustices such as economic hardship, disease, hunger and illiteracy by providing financial support and direct service.

With support from by Project RENEW Victim Assistance Manager Toan Quang Dang, the group is now in Ruong Village of Huong Tan Commune near the former U.S. Marine combat base Khe Sanh. The volunteers use their contributions to repair the house of Ms. Ho Thi Suong and build two cowsheds, one for Suong and one for Ho Van Y, who lost his leg in an explosion of wartime ordnance three years ago.

UP has partnered with Project RENEW to organize community service projects which provide support to disabled ethnic minority families in Quang Tri Province since 2013.