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Nguyen Thi Ai LUU
Program Assistant

Nguyen Thi Ai Luu has been a member of Project RENEW since September 2017, currently taking over the position of Program Assistant for Victim Assistance/Disability Support. Within this capacity, Ms. Luu consistently supports the Program Manager, collaborates with local partners, and maintains direct contact with individuals with disabilities and war victims to gain an overall understanding of their challenging circumstances. This role enables her to engage in social work and establish close connections with people with disabilities.

With a strong interest in exploring new places and interacting with diverse individuals, the field activities in the Victim and Disability Support Program provide Ms. Luu with invaluable practical experience, opportunities for knowledge exchange, and continuous personal development. She holds the conviction that, through her dedicated efforts and the support of Project RENEW, she can effectuate a positive impact on those facing difficult situations.