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Ngo Xuan HIEN
Communications & Development Manager

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Ngo Xuan Hien is in charge of communications and development for Project RENEW. Responsible for presenting and explaining Project RENEW’s mission and achievements to a wide audience, he provides the initial response to media and public inquiries about Project RENEW activities and acts as a primary point of contact for donors, government representatives, and visitors to Project RENEW. Hien’s other tasks include conceptualizing and designing presentations and development proposals for fundraising and other activities.

Hien possesses 15 years working in the field of humanitarian mine action to address the consequences of unexploded ordnance and Agent Orange left from the war in Quang Tri Province with a profound knowledge of the Viet Nam War and its lingering legacies. He has strong cultural understanding and appreciation acquired from working with a diversified group of international consultants and technical expats and traveling to over 20 countries, including four visits to the United States between 2013-2023.

A teacher of English for two years in Khe Sanh and then a specialist at the provincial Department of Home Affairs for eight years, Hien joined RENEW in June 2008. He holds a BA degree in English Studies from the University of Hue.