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Hoang Thi HUE
Program Assistant

Hoang Thi Hue is Program Assistant for the Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Program at Project RENEW. She has demonstrated a deep commitment to mine and explosive ordnance risk education, particularly with students.

Her collaboration with the Youth Union gives her a sense of positive energy, joy, and fulfillment as she engages in meaningful activities that enrich students with knowledge, thereby mitigating the risk of injuries caused by explosive ordnance. Before joining RENEW, Hue had over ten years with Mines Advisory Group as a Community Liaison Officer. This experience has enhanced her current capacity in explosive ordnance risk education. Hue primarily focuses on educating primary and secondary school students about the dangers of mines and explosives, to reduce casualties within this age group. Hue holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (distance learning) and other associated certificates.

Hue enjoys gardening, arranging, and admiring flowers daily. Physical exercise, such as cycling and running, is also an integral part of her life.