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Established in August 2001, Project RENEW is cooperative partnership between the government of Quang Tri Province and international non-governmental (NGO) organizations dedicated to the goal of Restoring the Environment and Neutralizing the Effects of the War through developing a comprehensive and integrated management model.

Project RENEW is viewed by other NGOs and Vietnamese government agencies as one of the most successful models to address the consequences of the war since international NGOs first became involved in this work dating back to 1996. RENEW’s professional managers and technical staff are trained to international standards and provided with modern tools and equipment. Most RENEW staff come from Quang Tri Province. Together with other local resources, they are the foundation for the strong working relationships with government leaders and local residents necessary to carry out the missions of RENEW. Critical “leveraging” of community resources already in place has enabled RENEW to provide extensive services at lower cost than might be possible with conventional project approaches, and has involved scores of trained volunteers from local organizations such as the Youth Union and health volunteer network.

As authorized by the government of Quang Tri Province, Project RENEW operates in the four districts of Hai Lang, Trieu Phong, Cam Lo and Dakrong. In late 2013, Dong Ha City and Quang Tri Town were added to RENEW’s operating area with inclusion of Risk Education programs.

Project RENEW’s direct authority comes from the People’s Committee of Quang Tri Province, with overall leadership and guidance from a Steering Board chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the province. Steering Board members represent leadership from departments of Foreign Affairs, Health, Science and Technology, Provincial Military Headquarters, and office of the Province People’s Committee. Representatives from current donors and technical partners are also on the Board.

Currently with support from Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), our primary partner, and other organizations, Project RENEW manages and implements the following programs:

MRIMine Risk Education
RENEW is continuing every day to clean up cluster bombs, landmines, and other ordnance, working toward the goal of making Vietnam safe.
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MVAMine Victim Assistance
Income Generation, Emergency Medical Response and Surgical Interventions, Providing amputees with new limbs and Medical schools and research support.
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EODERW Survey and Clearance

RENEW now is operating eight multi-function teams made up of three EOD mobile response teams, four Cluster Munitions Remnants Survey teams, and a Community Support Team in four districts.
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mushroomMushroom with a Mission
In 2009 the Humpty Dumpty Institute partnered with Project RENEW in Quang Tri to launch a rural grassroots human security and livelihoods assistance program called “Mushrooms with a Mission”.
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post_clearancePost clearance development
One of the biggest challenges of humanitarian mine action is to establish a linkage between clearance and development, to make sure that mine action positively promotes socio-economic development priorities in ERW-affected communities.
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