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Dong Ha, Quang Tri (30 September 2017) – Project RENEW’s Victim Assistance Program today held a meeting on information and discussion of disability support activities with its local partners in Quang Tri Province.

More than 30 delegates representing the Provincial Association of Disabled Persons, Agent Orange Victims and Protection of Disabled Persons and the Rights of Children, Blind Association of districts and Cam Lo District Agent Orange Victim Association attended the meeting. Other participants included representatives from Department of Justice’s Center of Legal Assistance and Department of Health.

These are local partners through which Project RENEW have conducted effectively many assistance initiatives such as disabled persons’ rights information, physical rehabilitation, incense, broom and toothpick making vocational training, income generation through raising livestock and housing improvement for hundreds of families affected by unexploded bombs and Agent Orange in Quang Tri Province.

In 2017, thanks to funding from the Irish Aid, Friends of Project RENEW and other individuals, Project RENEW’s Victim Assistance Program has achieved the following results:

  • 143 disabled persons have been examined and provided with prostheses and other assistive devices for restoring their mobility.
  • 96 UXO victim families have participated in the micro-credit scheme for loans to raise livestock for extra income.
  • 25 families with disabilities related to Agent Orange  have received support to raise breeding cows, repair their homes and build accessible toilets.
  • 24 communes in Quang Tri Province have been covered in information campaigns to disseminate the Law on Disabled Persons and disability support policies.

In an open and friendly atmosphere, delegates shared the results and lessons learnt as well as proposed solutions to enhance the effectiveness of disability support for the coming time.

Project RENEW would like to thank all delegates for taking time to attend the meeting. Our special thanks go to Irish Aid​ for sponsoring this activity.

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