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Lives and livelihoods of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and Agent Orange (AO) victims are restored through assistance programs for disabled families and individuals.

Currently, in partnership with local parners such as Department of Health, Women’s Union, and Farmers’ Union, Project RENEW has been undertaking the following assistance programs:

Major interventions Achievements
Micro-credit scheme providing women of UXO survivor families with loans for raising cattle. 450 ERW victim families have earned extra income through raising cows and water buffaloes.
Mobile Prosthetic & Orthotic rehabilitation outreach for ERW and AO survivors, amputees, and other people with disabilities in remote, rural areas. 933 UXO survivors and PWDs have received artificial limbs and other assistive devices to restore their mobility.
Vocational training and workshop provided to the blind people for earning independent income. 50 blind people earn independent income through making toothpicks and scent sticks.
Poverty reduction for ERW survivors and their families through mushroom cultivation. 193 ERW and AO victim families are provided with tools, training, and practical knowledge to grow a variety of mushrooms.


Taking into account 1,300 ERW survivors in Quang Tri Province who need artificial limbs, Project RENEW will seek government funding to continue operating the Prosthetic and Orthotic program.  It is also important to provide checkups and follow-up adjustments of devices – artificial limbs and braces for persons with disabilities – as users’ stumps, physical features, and medical conditions change.

In addition to sustaining current victim assistance activities for the ERW survivors, Project RENEW will cooperate with the Quang Tri Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims (VAVA) and other disabled persons organizations to seek funding to implement some pilot projects based on community-based rehabilitation and/or the case management model, to extend income generation initiatives to the families affected by Agent Orange.  The focus will be on districts with a high number of Agent Orange victims.

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